I'm Pradnya Pardhi

I'm a Front-End Developer,Enthusiastic about Web development. I always believe in developing logical things which make an impact on the end-user, I'm actively seeking opportunities in Web development .


My Skills


Hey! I'm Pradnya Pardhi👋. A Developer & I’m a recent graduate from the University of RTMNU Nagpur with a bachelor degree in Information Technology , programming logic, and Web-Dev. Seeking to bring my solid software development skills, communication, passion, and creativity as a software engineer.
I’m an Endless seeker of Knowledge🧠. I speak, read and write in English. I’m constantly learning Web technologies related topics, currently playing around with React👩🏾‍💻.
When I'm not tapping the keys on the keyboard, you'll find me watching YouTube videos💻 or listening to music🎧.


Old Book Sell And Buy System

The website help each and every student to connect directly with each other to buy or sell old books that help to save their money from local vendor. Each and every student can register and find perfect book for himself. it also to save the time,fule,energy etc.


I built a small website built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. to play music🎧.

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Pradnya Pardhi


Pradnya Pardhi